It's not OUR Anniversary...

Thank you for all the anniversary wishes!  

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But we celebrate our anniversary at The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop in OCTOBER!  
Once again we find it necessary to clarify some points of confusion:  
The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop   
does NOT have an Online store...

We have had occasion to share the 'back story' with many of you in person... and have quietly waited for the issue to go away. But as the confusion persists, we will clarify again:  
PBYS does NOT have an online store!  
Please understand that if you receive an email with this logo:


It is NOT from The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop.
Nor is it associated with The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop in any way.

* We do not know how you get coupon codes for online promotions.  
* We do not know about pattern typos or kit configurations.  
* Gift Cards purchased online are not accepted at The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop.

We apologize that your friendship with us exposed you to unwanted solicitations; we would never share or sell your email addresses.
And you will definitely be invited to OUR anniversary celebrations in OCTOBER!  
(By every indication it will be a very exciting birthday month!  
Stay tuned!)

Thank you again for your friendship and support,